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that devastated japan's coast. rescue crews continued to search through the wreckage. entire neighborhoods have been wiped out and in one town a ship was on top of a building. home owners trying to pick up the pieces aren't sure where to begin. >> i don't have money or anything. everything is broken. >> reporter: the united nations is helping to coordinate disaster relief. millions are without food and water and aid workers are having trouble getting through because of the damage. in oakland in a what,okinawa, marines helped people have to stand in line for help. in many towns with grocery stores the shelves are emptying out. in areas into your the nuclear power plants, authorities are checking radiation levels. many cities are without electricity because the reactors are offline, which means millions will have to spend another night in the cold. randall pinkston, cbs news, new york. >>> four days after that earthquake triggered the tsunami, some new video shows the moment it hit. amateur video shows this wall of water pushing into a narrow bay lifting these boats right over the seawall. the to
but all over the country but people -- because people had seen what happened in japan. they knew the result of that kind of earthquake could create a tsunami so they were getting calls to get away from the coast and get to higher ground and safety. reporting live from in half moon bay, back to you. >>> it's just after 10:00 saturday morning in japan. emergency teams are working to get a handle on the scale of the destruction brought on by this massive quake and the resulting tsunami. hundreds, if not thousands of people, are dead. hundreds of people are still missing. as they survey this damage, fires are burning up and down a 1300-mile stretch of the coastline. the massive tsunami swallowed entire villages on japan's northeast coast and left others burning through the night. the 23-foot wave triggered by the largest earthquake ever recorded in japan, swept away cars, boats and buildings. in one coastal town alone, 1800 houses were destroyed or badly damaged. police in sendai have already counted 300 bodies. hundreds more are missing. the 8.9 magnitude quake centered about 240 mi
that have strong jolts, there is a high possibility of a landslide. >> the nuclear crisis in japan has touched off a scramble for potassium iodide in the bay area. the pills can prevent some radiation damage but there are mixed messages tonight on their usage. the u.s. surgeon general on a bay area tour suggested that it would be a good idea to stockpile the pills, quote, as a precaution. state officials say just the opposite. simon perez is live in berkeley, where the iodide pills and anything like them are in short supply. simon. >> reporter: elizabeth, certainly a lot of people here in the bay area worried about radioactive material coming from japan across the pacific to the united states. right now the experts say don't worry about it too much. but still, people are buying whatever they can to keep them safe. >> people are terrified. that's what i think, including myself. >> reporter: and that fear has led to this, empty shelves at pharmacies and grocery stores across the bay area of iodine- related products. >> all kinds of stores looking for it and can't find t other stores are
of silence for the victims in japan. the u.n. is helping to coordinate the relief efforts sending in aid and rescue crews from around the world. in the town of okinahu, british and american rescue crews are searching for survivors. >> hello, can you hear me? make a noise. >> trying to access underneath what you can see. very, very difficult conditions. chances of survive val are small. >> reporter: crews continue to recover bodies from the wreckage. many times family is there to mourn loved ones. randall pinkston, cbs news, the u.n. >>> the pentagon is saying military pilots cannot go within 50 miles of the reactor and pilots flying within 70 miles are taking potassium iodide tablets. >>> amid fresh fears of radiation, governments across the world are urging their people to leave tokyo as soon as possible. so far, germany, britain, australia and france have all told their citizens to evacuate. americans are not being told to leave the country yet, though. the white house is monitoring the situation. those leaving tokyo say uncertainty about the nuclear emergency in fukushima nearly 200 m
was arrested after an anonymous tip. >>> next, gone but the memories of japan's quake still fresh on their minds. >> everybody was falling over. it was that strong. and it was just -- it felt like the earth was changing, like the earth was ending. >> evacuated americans make it back home. what some saw right before they left. >> drivers off the hook. how one man's fight against red light cameras is saving a lot of people from getting tickets. >>> and singer chris brown loses his cool. the interview that caused him to flip out and smash a window. ,,,,,,,,,, all options" in response to the stepped up violence against >>> tonight the u.s. military is w it's considering all options in response -- is warning it's considering all options in response to violence in misurata, libya. this video reportedly shows an attack on civilians, not clear if anybody was hurt in the blast but meanwhile nato forces launched more air strikes on government and military targets today and also today, president obama said the four-day air assault will soon achieve the objectives of the no-fly zone. he also
, passed by voters in 2008, unconstitutional. following the disaster in japan-- the u-s nuclear regulatory commission says it plans to launch a review of all nuclear power plants in this country. and in tokyo --- people are being asked not to hoard bottled water... after it was determined that radiation levels in the tap water there had exceeded the limit considered safe for infants. water is just the latest of the food safety concerns raised since a devastating earthquake and tsunami hit the island nation more than a week ago. meanwhile, at the crippled the daiichi (deye-ee-chee) nuclear power plant, engineers are still struggling to restore cooling systems and stabilize overheating reactors. smoke forced another evacuation today, but workers have managed to get the power back on in some areas. in libya - for the first time - u-s commanders say they're using jets to attack qaddaffi's troops on the ground. in the key eastern city of misrata, qaddaffi's tanks are beginning to retreat, after a week-long assault on civilians. earlier this morning, moammar qaddafi vowed to fight back against a
a missile strike destroyed part of his compound in tripoli. >>> in japan, more than a week after the devastating 9.0 earthquake and tsunami, more trouble, smoke from two of the reactors forced another evasionation and forced a stop to repair work going on. radiation in the food supply is raising concerns. female living in a veg near the plant, they have now been warned not to drink their tap water. new estimates put the number of dead at more than 18,000 eventually. that damage expected to top $200 billion. >>> house minority leader nancy pelosi is back on track after a medical scare. pelosi was hospitalised briefly in rome this morning. her office says she wasn't feeling well following a weekend trip to afghanistan and a long flight back to italy. she was released this afternoon and resumed her scheduled talks. the democratic leader turns 71 this week. >>> coming up, switching gears, new rules for children in car seats. why parents may have a hard time convincing some of their older kids on the new way they need to buckle up. >>> reservoir levels are up but when is it too much o
out where people live. >> you have to look at japan, the highest area for local calls, if your rate is going to go up or down. >> yeah, once 669 rolls out you are going to have to dial 10 digits even if it's a local call. not since hurricane katrina since 2005 have gas prices shot up so quickly. a gallon of regular unleaded $3.51, 03 cents higher than it was two weeks ago. in emeryville the 76 station is selling regular gas for $3.93. the dramatic rise being driven of course by turmoil in libya. emergency measures to bring the gas prices down, the obama administration is moving towards tapping the strategic reserve to ease the fuel prices and that's something else that hasn't happened since 2005. >>> well are you looking for ways to cut your costs? you might want to start with a car loan. julie watts on the consumer watch explains how the trend in refi is going beyond new loans. >> reporter: when jessie we've bought this used accura he had no complaints. >> 4.99%, no money down, so that seemed pretty good to me. >> reporter: and it was. until he found an even lower rate four months
-star trip to japan with bonds. jet stream buy says he mailed him -- giambi says he mailed him drugs, the cream and the clear, and said they wouldn't show on a test and would have steroid like properties. jason referred anderson to his brother jeremy also a major leaguer who also received the cream and the clear. jeremy testified anderson had some access to performance- enhancing drugs and thought it would be a good to use them. all that implies but obviously doesn't prove that barry bonds knowingly took steroids he got from anderson. a point made by bonds' attorney. san francisco giants trainer stan conte also took the stand. he talked about changes he saw in bonds in 1999 and 2000. his muscles got bigger in my opinion. i guess i'd use the word significant. interestingly, giants management was also concerned about bonds' weight. the team sent this chart to bonds' agent in 2000. look at how bonds' weight goes up from 1998 in the first column to 2000 in the third column. over that span, bonds put on about 15 pounds. unofficially. but the giants were concerned. giants boss peter magowa
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9